Friday, May 3, 2013


I promised pictures .
Warning!!! I am posting pictures!
No Laughing!
It is the easiest way to show the journey from the beginning until now.
I am posting pictures from last March 2012. This is when I decided I wanted to get in the best possible physical shape that I could before I turn 40.
I have maintained a pretty regular workout
schedule, with a little holiday over indulgence from about Nov.- Feb.
I began a 12 week Fitness Challenge Fen. 3rd. I lost the extra 10 lbs I had picked up .
I am concentrating on fatloss and pitting on some muscle.
Muscle helps to naturally burn fat! Yea for muscles!
I am also trying to build my caloric intake.
I have a trainer that has really helped me sort out all the other small changes to help me benefit the most and I am already amazed how just sticking to a set diet and excersise plan have already made such a big difference. I am only 2 weeks in and I have lost inches! I am hoping to do my first physique competition soon. This has become a new goal on my journey to Fab. By 40! So hear goes nothing!

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