Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Donny Shurter and Family

Big Lake Camping

My Uncle Tony (moms brother), and Jason

Dad and Elaina ( Diane's daughter)

Elaina, Tyler,Tanner, Colton, Joshua, and Samuel

Samuel, and Joshua

My sista Diane

Memorial BBQ

Donovan and Erika

Mom and Tony

Dad and Mom

Me,Diane, and Donovan

Flowers for tables, on Dennis's pockets

Class of 1994, 15 year H.S. Reunion

Erica Shurter and Becky Christiansen

Bess, Jayme, Kim, and I

Kim, Bess, and Jayme

Jason and I

Boys playing in the woods, Big Lake

Dad and Mom



Brothers and Friends Forever!!

Its been a crazy summer! I promised to be a better blogger and failed!! We just got home from a weeks vacation to see my parents in Arizona. I also attended my 15 year High School reunion!! It was a blast!!We also worked in 3 days of camping!! It was a great trip!!:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Please if you have a chance check out this link. I started a website in Dennis's Memory. A place to share memories and pictures! Please feel free to add anything you like. I would like to eventually have this printed as a book for his children.
Thanks xoxo Danielle

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Josh woke up from a nap at Daycare Wednesday with a bad rash. Jason went and got him and took him to the doctor.  They thought he was having an allergic reaction to something he ate or touched. We began giving him Benadryl. By Thursday afternoon he was runing a low grade fever(99.7) and was swelling on his legs and and ankles.  I took him to urgent care and they thought he might have Strep.They gave him an antibiotic and Steroid, Pedipred. His temp got to 101.5 at urgent care so they put a cold towel on him till he began to cool down. He began looking better by Friday morning and we took him back for a check-up. Thursday afternoon he had a flare -up and I called his regular Pediatrician. His office was in the middle of moving to a new office, thus they weren't seeing pts. So they were refering to Urgent care. I was told to call his cell phone, and he had us come right over. He is very good and he determined at this point that Josh had trhe symptoms of Fifths A common rash thats viril and should resolve itself in a few weeks in the mean time Josh is taking Benadryl and Zantac! Yes antacid ! It has a histamine blocker to help with the itchies!! Por Josh....he's a real trooper!

Our Toys and Artistic Creations!

My new body!

Before paint!

Jason's trucks!

Jason and I have discovered the world of RC and Gas powered Trucks! We love "Bashing" or so its called . Racing around and jumping them! We don't get to go as much as we like but we have also designed and painted several bodies! Jason is the painter at this point but I am  looking forward to trying out my painting skills soon. Here are some pics!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi! Busy here as always.....I know that for all you good Bloggers...this is no excuse! Sorry! I hope to be better. Well so we are all doing good here! The boys are growing up way too fast! Time to start planning for #3! Ha! We shall see! The boys just switched daycares. The new gal does a preschool style daycare with tons of activities! It is good with lots of structure! The 1st week the boys were ready for bed every night by atleast 8:00! This is a big change. We use to have to fight with them to get ready for bed! They also have lots of other children to play with!  I am ready for Spring. Here in S.O. Cal the winters are really very mild compared to many places ,but I am ready for some warmer weather! My bulbs are coming up! I will take pics when they bloom! Lots of tulips!! I think of Dennis so much. I guess he's been on my mind alot latley! I am hoping to see all his children over their Springbreak..they are coming out here to go to Disneyland! Wel here are some new pics of our most recent adventures! We have been going to Disneyland as often as we can! Thank you Grandpa David S.!! We got season passes for Christmas! 

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