Saturday, March 28, 2009

Josh woke up from a nap at Daycare Wednesday with a bad rash. Jason went and got him and took him to the doctor.  They thought he was having an allergic reaction to something he ate or touched. We began giving him Benadryl. By Thursday afternoon he was runing a low grade fever(99.7) and was swelling on his legs and and ankles.  I took him to urgent care and they thought he might have Strep.They gave him an antibiotic and Steroid, Pedipred. His temp got to 101.5 at urgent care so they put a cold towel on him till he began to cool down. He began looking better by Friday morning and we took him back for a check-up. Thursday afternoon he had a flare -up and I called his regular Pediatrician. His office was in the middle of moving to a new office, thus they weren't seeing pts. So they were refering to Urgent care. I was told to call his cell phone, and he had us come right over. He is very good and he determined at this point that Josh had trhe symptoms of Fifths A common rash thats viril and should resolve itself in a few weeks in the mean time Josh is taking Benadryl and Zantac! Yes antacid ! It has a histamine blocker to help with the itchies!! Por Josh....he's a real trooper!


Becky said...

so not fun! hope he gets feeling better soon-I hate to be itchy

Tiffany said...

Poor baby!! :)

SHURTER'S :) said...

Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!

Reggie said...

so glad that Josh is better...gotta say I love the new truck!!! Whoo hoo! I want one now!!!

Slatter Family said...

Poor lamb :( He is such a tough little boy!

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